Most of the instruments I build are truly bespoke and unique; each one is hand crafted to your own specifications, and everything is customisable from the obvious such as wood choices and colours, right down to the tiny details such as nut width and even pickup coil wire gauge.

I rarely build instruments “for stock”; (but its always worth asking if I have anything readily available), as once I’ve finished making it, it will go to its new owner. For this reason, its difficult to give an approximation as to what your “dream guitar” will cost, as many factors affect the overall price.

Therefore what follows is an guideline of base prices:

SC/TC or any bolt on neck style electric guitar or bass starting from £2250

LP/Carved Top Set neck electric guitar starting from £2750

Semi Acoustic 335 or Archtop guitars starting from £3000

Acoustic Guitars starting from £3000

The general specification of instruments in each of the categories includes:

Additional costs are applied for:

Spec sheets are available to download in the links below

Acoustic Spec

Electric Spec